Do you ever look in the mirror or at your reflection and almost do double-take, surprised at who you see? Or do you avoid looking at yourself and go through each motion of brushing your teeth and washing your face as if you are on auto-pilot, just trying to get through the day. Do you fear that your skincare routine will take you hours so you end up doing nothing at all?

Do you spend hours criticizing your pores or wrinkles and end up avoiding photoshoots, Zoom meetings, updating your profile photo or even worse – hide in a prison of rejection, preventing yourself from being the woman you want to be?

It’s time to release the personal judgements. criticism and self-doubt...

A woman who owns her beauty is POWERFUL.

Stop fighting and judging yourself in the mirror. It’s time to change your inner dialogue to loving and accepting your FLAWSOMENESS so you can share your brilliance with the world. It’s time to fall in love with who you see in your reflection.

 And the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful
 than the risk it took to blossom. ~Anaïs Nin. 

You can continue to listen to the voice that tells you that you look old, tired, unattractive and that you are not worthy of the love you long to feel. You can keep waiting until you are “enough” and continue to feel like an old hag while picking up your kids from school. You can suffer in silence, reject every picture you take and hyper-focus on every imperfection you see in your reflection while life continues to pass you by.

Or you can say enough is enough. You can say YES to yourself and NO to all the other noise that stops you from living a life of joy, peace and bliss.

I teach women to elevate the way they see themselves and to practice self-care as a first priority.

I show them they are significant by falling in love with who they see in their reflection.  

I also help women take exquisite care of their skin, bodies and spirit and own their essence so they can be seen, heard and valued as the beautiful powerhouses they are.

Are you ready to:

  • Discover the beauty that is you
  • Own your essence
  • Be your own kind of beautiful
  • Be seen as the beauty that you are, inside and out
  • Love who you see in the mirror
  • Let who you are on the inside match who you are on the outside

Then let’s get you glowing ASAP! Book a discovery call below:

Dreading your next photoshoot? Need to update your profile picture? Afraid to start video on Zoom? This is a 6 week process designed to help you stop hiding, start shining and embody the essence of your beauty. In this program, we not only get your skin picture ready through a consistent routine that gives you an outer glow, but we also mentally rehearse what you want your eyes, face, heart and body to communicate to the camera with your special inner glow so you never miss out on capturing memories or showing up again.


This program is a 7 week process to help you lead a life by design, not default. Get explicitly clear on your YES’s and NO’s.  Get rid of the stuff that holds you down to make room for what you truly want to experience in your daily life, relationships, career or business and in your body.  Express yourself in ways that you’ve always wanted by speaking authentically from your heart and by also dressing the part.  Release the stories that plague you and love the person you dare to be. Become the best body positive bold version of you!


This program is New You for girls, ages 10-19. Imagine living in a world where your daughter was encouraged to shine bright and be the bold beautiful brilliant being she is. What would life be like for her if she was encouraged to speak up and show up instead of playing small and quieting her voice under the patriarchy? Find out here, in a community of like-minded girls.


In this 12 week program, we work on building a self-care strategy that prioritizes you first. We discover your strengths & talents and cultivate your most precious gem – your energy.  We work together to help you connect with your body’s intuition so you can lead the life you want to lead as a parent, boss, manager or entrepreneur.  Get to know yourself on a level you haven’t before from your past to your present, and get your glow on.  Gain confidence, clarity, empowerment & resonance and embody the boss in you to influence and impact with radiance.