I wasn’t sure I was ready for coaching. I just knew I loved Marianne from taking her course, so I decided to go for it. Wow. I’m one of those people who seem like an open book but is actually very, very private. I feel so comfortable and safe with Marianne that I have shared with her thoughts and feelings that have been buried inside for decades. The exercises she has guided me through have freed me from mistaken beliefs about myself and are helping me write a new story that reflects who I truly am. A fear of judgment from others has always kept me from being who I want to be and stepping into my full power. I have never felt judged by Marianne, who is the kindest, most patient guide I could imagine. Put your trust in Marianne. She will help you trust yourself. ~Rosie Buchanan | Discovery Attorney at Google

For years I was looking for something to help me to fully see and own my own unique beauty but always defaulted towards judgment and criticism. Marianne has helped me view beauty through a totally new lens. I now can look at my skin and beauty as parts of me to treasure and nourish. I feel so much more empowered in addressing my skincare needs and actually feel like my skin is now glowing in a way it hadn’t before! And to my surprise, there is a sense of confident and expression beaming from the inside out of me that I wasn’t even expecting!  Working with Marianne has been a game changer for me and the benefits continue to unfold long after our sessions together. I would highly recommend her for anyone looking to uncover and own their own beauty inside and out! ~Katelyn Warren | Occupational Therapist

My coaching sessions with Marianne have truly been eye-opening. I have been surprised at how well I have been able to address deep seated insecurities as well as limiting beliefs. Marianne pours her heart and soul into her programs and sessions. I’m grateful at the opportunity to work with her because I have gained so much knowledge and confidence as a result of our work together. I’m very proud to be a member of the Rebel Beauty community. ~Chely Córdova | Wellness & Lifestyle Coach

Marianne has an uncanny ability to gain deep insight into core issues and lead you through the labyrinth with compassion and grace. She has a treasure chest of techniques and skills to pull from and it’s always just the right thing at the right time. In short, Marianne is a gem and I highly recommend working with her! ~Amy Love | Owner of Real Food, Whole Health

If you’re looking for a coach with amazing intuition and the ability to balance energy, Marianne is your girl. She helped me prioritize and organize and get out of my own head. You can tell Marianne sincerely cares about your wellbeing and I can’t thank her enough for helping to get me back on track. ~Carrie Michelle Myers | Owner of AuthenticallyYOU with CarrieMichele Coaching

For those of you who’ve never experienced this exercise, I highly recommend it.  As life is and can be, it’s challenging at times and it’s easy to slip into a funk or play the victim.  We’ve all done it.  Through the Belief Chain Experience, Marianne physically walks you through specific stages and pinpoints why and how you’re there and ultimately getting you to DS (Desired State) + 2!   You’ll have to take the course to figure out what the + 2 means.  It’s a simple process, takes about an hour.  You have no idea how many times throughout the day/week I’ll utter, D + 2 to myself!  You owe it to yourself to run through the Belief Chain Experience with Marianne. ~Chad Berry | VP of Sales at Livengood Medical

Marianne’s gifts, passion, and beautiful spirit have inspired so much transformation in my life, for both my skin and my soul.  From the relaxing, glowy treatments at her beautiful studio, to incorporating the products from the Eminence line into my skincare routine, I’ve seen improvements to my rosacea, my skin looks firmer and is generally more radiant.  And, bonus, the glow isn’t just on the outside, Marianne’s gentle coaching also left me feeling noticeable lighter and happier on the inside too.  Life is a journey, and Marianne has been a true blessing on my path.  ~Leslie Pettibone | Real Estate Agent

Where do I start… maybe I just write down a ton of adjectives to describe how Marianne has impacted my life.  Life changer. Spiritual coach. Life coach. Beauty coach. Friend. Inspirational. Healer. Teacher. Mentor. Amazing mother. I don’t know how she does it. These are just a fraction of the ways I can describe how this amazing woman has impacted my life in a positive way. Over the course of my time with Marianne, I have been able to truly identify with who I am, what makes me tick, and how to truly be in the moment, just to name a few.  This hasn’t come easy and it has been a commitment on my behalf and has been well worth the investment.  I have had many aha moments and the one that stands out the most is what she calls “The Dinner Table”. It was an unbelievable experience for me, and I would challenge anyone to ask for this experience. Simply put, this exercise has allowed me to uncover how past experiences have dictated both the good and/or bad actions that have affected my life in the past and the present and ways I want to improve for myself going forward with myself, my family, and my friends.  Through my sessions with Marianne, I have been able to learn techniques to help love myself, flaws and all.  I have learned how to communicate my thoughts and feelings in a more effective way, confront my fears and insecurities head on to decrease my anxiety, and ways to love myself that I never knew existed.  This is a lifelong commitment for me, every session I go to I learn something new.  The only thing I could tell people reading this right now is just book an appointment and start.  Wherever you are comfortable just start. ~Megan Berry | Physician’s Assistant

I just want to thank you so much for this course. The past month has done more for my self-esteem/self-worth than years of therapy and self-help work. I wanted to share this photo with you. I took it Thursday. You can see I’m a bit teary-eyed. The reason is I have been feeling a bit blah lately. Thursday morning, I was washing my face and I repeated the “clean slate” mantra. The moment I rinsed the soap off, I looked in the mirror and my eyes were sparkling. Without even thinking, I said aloud, “Hey you! I’ve missed you.” I truly looked in that mirror and saw myself as beautiful, a feeling I have not felt in years. (Especially, bare-faced.) You have no idea how much that meant to me.Again, thank you! You’re amazing and I know this course is going to do amazing things for so many others. ~Alicia Butler | Self-employed

I had a Chinese Face Reading with Marianne and what I learned is that my face tells my story. I’ve thought about Botox and dyeing my hair but this is me!  This is where I’ve been and I need to trust that I am this strong person, I do have this intuition and I am on my right my path. ~Beth Brogen | Proprietor of All Roads Apothecary

Chinese Face Reading is such a great tool for getting the confirmation and validation we sometimes crave that we’ve been affected by our pasts, but we get to choose how we move forward. I loved that it integrates the physical body with the emotional and spiritual bodies – so cool to see, and working with Marianne I was amazed by how intuitive this work feels. ~Chelsea Quint | Coach and Intuitive Lifestyle Editor

I had a session with Marianne and I really like the idea that I have everything inside of me that I need.  There are very small changes I can make, like being more open to receiving.  My biggest thing is being conscious of where I put my energy and figure out a balance now for what’s coming in my life. ~Emily Benson | Owner of Stylish and Successful

I just had a session with Marianne and the entire process is really cool.  She was spot on.  The more I speak about my life, the more I value and appreciate the warrior I truly am.  If you do receive a reading, be open to you blossoming even more in your life.  I think so many times people, especially women, look at our features and see lines, crows feet or bags, rather than looking at what they truly mean.  I’ve recently been seeing a few lines or hyper-pigemention on my face that I don’t like, but accept knowing the tell my story.  Well now I appreciate them more, because I know the story. ~Stephanie Rochelle | Self-love Coach

Marianne has been an incredible coach to me. The biggies we have worked on like self confidence and me being “fully me” have created huge shifts.  Her techniques have helped rewire my brain and let go of past limiting beliefs that I’ve had forever. ~Marielle Arix | Holistic Wellbeing & Beauty Therapist at Anamaya

Marianne is a kind, compassionate person that deeply cares for her clients and the people surrounding her. She is providing a beautiful gift to the world by sharing her expert knowledge. I had a session with her and was amazed by what Marianne told me about my features on my face. She showed me that the features I wasn’t too fond of were actually serving a purpose about my journey I have been on. I have thought about getting botox done at some point but now I feel like there is no need to because our faces are beautiful with our lines & creases. I would absolutely recommend Marianne’s face reading to anyone who wants to learn more about the story their faces tell. She is a bright light that when you start talking to her you start to fill up with energy, confidence, and feel at ease. ~Laura Kelly | Owner of Grieve Now