Cathy Nesbitt Speaks

For 19 years, Cathy Nesbitt has been selling worms by the pound for indoor composting and has learned many lessons along the way.

She knew it was a simple way to manage food scraps and paper. She had so much energy and knew it was part of the solution to our garbage crisis. She thought it would be easier than it was for people to adopt this simple practice. Laughter yoga came to her at a time when she was struggling with all the negative energy folks were sending my way about this important mission. You can imagine that not everyone wants to have worms in their house. Daily laughter is now a huge part of my health plan. Laughter is a great connector. It oxygenates our beautiful body. When we laugh, we release the love chemicals: Ha Ha Have you had your daily DOSE? (Dopamine, Oxytocin, Serotonin, Endorphins)

We are here to be what we are meant to be. We get in the way. Fear, doubt, society (ha ha the voice in our head) tells us we are not enough.

Her desire is to inspire. She loves to share her passion for life to encourage others to step out and shine.

You can find more about her work here:

Cathy Nesbitt Speaks


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